Longing for the sea

Do you know this longing? The longing for a gentle breeze, the longing for the feeling of warm sun on your face and the smell of salty sea-air in your nostrils.  The longing for an authentic experience surrounded by the elements. The longing to take a break from the world, to pull away for a bit and ground yourself in the rhythm of nature. The longing to share this experience with your friends and loved ones.
We do. We know the longing and did something about it.

We developed a yacht that combines the  spirit of an authentic outdoor experience with the comfort and security of modern live.  This 78-foot yacht allows you to cruise the sea with up to 11 of your friends. You can spread out on 250 m² on three levels and enjoy the experience without sitting on top of each other.

Depending on the layout the yacht has 5 cabins: 4 double cabins and one master cabin. You and your guests will have enough room to retreat into your personal bubble if you wish so.

You´ve got more ideas? We´ve got you! It is possible to customize the cabins in your own design. The saloon as a free space is also fully available to the customer for personal design.

Your Experience - Your Indepen­dence

It´s not simply a ship. Not even only a yacht. It´s a symbol of freedom. It´s your way of traveling the world without having to fret over gas stations and ecological concerns.

Our Solarimpact yachts are not powered by regular fuel. It´s the power of the sun that provides energy and warmth to your experience.

The primary energy supply is provided by a photovoltaic system of up to 250 m². Solar modules convert sunlight into electricity. These innovative, proven systems guarantee a reliable, self-sufficient power supply, even in remote regions.

So there´s almost no limit to your travels. The yacht is self-sufficient. Even if the sun doesn´t shine there are two emergency generators that keep the yacht and all implements running until you reach a safe haven.

Out in the wild- Safe and comfortable

Lean back and enjoy a smooth glide even on turbulent seas. Our Yacht is equipped with ground-breaking SWATH technology.

SWATH stands for “Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull” and means that the ship is supported by two torpedo-shaped buoyancy bodies located under the water surface. This results in wave decoupling, which reduces rolling and heeling by up to 90%. Even in heavy seas the yacht lies calmly in the water. In a nutshell, this means that you can leave your cocktail glass on the table even in rough seas.

Expect the unexpected

Coming Soon

What do you mean by independence?

What does freedom mean to you and where are your limits?

Let us show you what we mean by that.


Surround yourself with comfort und luxury

Sometimes live is too much: Too busy, too loud, too hectic, too messy.

Sometimes you need to step away to clear your head, to ground yourself, to relax. A Solarimpact Yacht provides the range you need to leave civilisation behind for a while on top of the comfort to make you feel safe, content and relaxed immediately. Focus on yourself while you´re surrounded by exclusive design and all comforts modern life has to offer. Indulge yourself in the luxury your yacht has to offer. You deserve it.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

You care about nature and wildlife. You care about the planet. You try living in balance.

Imagine you could enjoy the experience of cruising the seas on your yacht without worrying about your carbon footprint! Imagine the sun being the only energy you need! Can you see it?

Then you should be part of OUR journey. Help us create the most amazing experience for you and your friends. Be part of a movement that helps to bring an incredible project to live.

SolarImpact is the first fully electrically powered SWATH Yacht series worldwide. The primary energy supply is provided by a photovoltaic system.

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